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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are they freeway safe:
A: No, our Low Speed Neighborhood Electric Vehicles are meant to be driven ONLY on the streets, with the speed limit 35MPH or less.

Q: Which charging station do I need to use?
A: You do NOT need a charging station, you charge it at home or work by plugging it into your 3-pronge outlet.

Q: How long does it take to charge?
A: Depending on much you have driven your Piccolo Pendolare, but you can charge it anytime, overnight while you sleep, or during the day while you are working. It will take approximately 8-9 hours to charge.

Q: Do I need to have a Drivers License to drive a Piccolo Pendolare?
A: Yes. This is an electric vehicle that will be driven on the public streets, and all requirement for any vehicle applies.

Q: Do you finance the purchase of any Piccolo Pendolare?
A: No, we are not a financial institute. You can Pay-in-full, or us our Lay-a-Way plan.

Q: Can I make payments?
A: Yes, we have payment options, click to view our "Payment Option" page

Q: Can my new Piccolo Pendolare be delivered?
A: Yes. We have a delivery fee, which is calculated by the distance, which we can arrange at the time you place your order.

Q: Do I need to register my Piccolo Pendolare with DMV?
A: Yes. And we will help take care of registering your Piccolo Pendolare.
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